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MeDread Publishing group is high-quality, independently peer-reviewed research and reviews, as well as comment and news, for the scientific and clinical research communities. MeDread Publishing Group uses pioneering technologies, innovative formats and first-class editing to provide cutting-edge, timely yet readable information for researchers in the public and private sectors, government agencies, educators, clinicians, and the general public.

MeDread Publishing Group has a close relationship with the scientific community. By working with scientists, listening to what they say, and always placing emphasis on quality, MeDread Publishing Group is the leading publisher for innovative solutions to scientists' information needs.

MeDread family provides an author with a wide range of benefits.

1. High standard, rigorous peer review

All MeDread Open Access journals provide a high standard of peer review, selecting original research which is high quality and relevant for its discipline. Each journal is editorially independent with its own Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Board who lead journal strategy and take publication decisions on all submissions.

2. Rapid publication

MeDread Open Access journals use a fast efficient online submission system, ScholarOne, which speeds up the submission and reviewing process. Authors who have been recommended to submit their article by another MeDread journal via the Manuscript Transfer Program will not have to re-enter article submission details, upload files and provide contact details a second time. This will save these authors valuable time. In addition to fast submission times, MeDread Open Access journals have fast production times. Authors can use MeDread Author Services to track their accepted articles through production, manage automated publication notices to colleagues, and more.

3. Authors retain Copyright

Copyright on any research article in a journal published by a MeDread Open Access journal is retained by the author(s). Authors grant MeDread a license to publish the article and identify itself as the original publisher.

4. Open Access - licensed under Creative Commons

All research articles published in MeDread Open Access journals are fully open access: immediately freely available to read, download and share. The majority of MeDread Open Access journals publish open access articles under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) License which permits use, distribution and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. A limited number of MeDread Open Access journals offer a choice of Creative Commons Licences, including the CC-BY for mandated authors. Full information can be found on our copyright page.

5. Widest Possible Dissemination

All MeDread Open Access journal articles are open access and immediately freely available on MeDread Online Library and PubMed Central (subject to journal approval). Please note, PubMed Central journal approval adjudication on new titles occurs once 15 articles are published. MeDread Online Library is one of the world’s most extensive multidisciplinary collections of online resources covering life, health, social and physical sciences, and humanities All open access content published by MeDread’s journals is freely available immediately on publication on MeDread Online Library alongside subscription content. Top quality articles are accessed thousands of times over a period of a month.

6. Promotion and publicity of quality research

Articles published in MeDread Open Access journals are promoted through free email content alerts, homepage and subject page features, and special promotions. Journals are included in PubMed where in scope and will be considered by other leading abstract and indexing services. Selected articles are press released to MeDread’s extensive database of international journalists.

7. Article Discovery and Metrics

MeDread Open Access journal articles feature article discovery tools and metrics (ADM's). ADM's increase article discoverability, help authors connect with colleagues, and give usage metrics of individual articles.

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