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Authors aspiring to publish their research work in one of our journals are required to bear article processing charges. It shall be mentioned that we, MeDread Publishing Group, are independent and do not get any funds from the government or any other agencies. The money which the authors will pay for the article processing will go into making the article look more appealing. Of course, you will not have to pay for the submission of your manuscripts. You will pay only when your articles gets accepted by our community of editors. Upon acceptance of article by our editors, you will receive an email. You can proceed to make the payment to get the article published. Our article processing fee is always affordable. The process includes our maintenance, submission and peer review systems and international editing, publication and submission to global indexing and tracking organisations and archiving to allow instant access to the whole article and associated supplementary documents.

Article processing charges FAQs

What are authors paying for? As costs are involved in every stage of the publication process, from administrating peer-review to copy editing and hosting the final article on dedicated servers, authors are asked to pay an article processing charge (APC) in order for their article to be published open access under a Creative Commons license. Who will pay the APC? Corresponding author or Co-authors has to make the payment on acceptance of the article. Can my institution or funder pay the APC on my behalf? As indicated on the payment form, authors can request that the invoice be sent to their institution or funder. When should I pay? Corresponding author or the paying institutions should arrange for the payment once they are notified regarding acceptance of the article. APC is exempted for cases in which a wavier agreement has been made in-prior to submission. *We request an immediate attention towards the payment as the articles will not be published unless the charges have been paid. How do I pay? Authors or institutions can make payments by two modes as per their convenience.
  1. Wire/Bank transfer
  2. Card payment
Note: No taxes are included in this charge, taxes will be applicable as per the policies of the country of the payee. Additional transaction charges may be levied on the author. Are reprints of my article included in the article processing charges (APCs)? No, Article processing charges (APCs) do not include the charges for the reprints. Reprints facility is optional and should be order separately.

All journals publication charges:

Country Others Opinion (OP) Mini Review (MRW) Review (RW) Case Report (CR) Research (RA)
High Income
$450 $749 $816 $1,080 $1,224 $1,499
Middle Income
$499 $612 $780 $999 $1114 $1,249
Low Income
$399 $411 $590 $729 $864 $1040

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